The 100% Minecraft Subscription Box

What is Mine Chest?


Mine Chest is the Official Subscription Chest for Minecraft lovers. Every Chest is a new surprise!


Part of the fun with every Mine Chest is taking inventory of the themed chest contents. Hidden just below your Exclusive Minecraft T-shirt, you’ll uncover Minecraft Toys and Collectibles PLUS Exclusive Minecraft items available only to Mine Chest subscribers!


Mine Chest adventures are designed to last well beyond the un-boxing and never repeat. Month after month, your Mine Chest will be filled with items that players of all ages will enjoy wearing, collecting, and creating. Bridging the space between game play and real world creativity, even the in-game chest replica that arrives at your front door can be transformed into something new and fun.


Mine Chest is moving to back to MINECHEST.COM!

The Adventure Chest team is working on some exciting new changes and will have more info soon. Check out our FAQ below for details, or subscribe to the Mine Chest mailing list and get updates as they are announced.

Q: What is happening to Mine Chest?

A: Following January 2018’s Bedrock chest, Mine Chest will no longer be provided by Loot Crate. However, we are excited to announce that Mine Chest is moving back to! The Adventure Chest team has been listening to all of the feedback our Mine Chest subscribers have and are making Mine Chest even better than it was before.

Q: So, what’s happening to my subscription? Do I need to do anything?

A: Your subscription information will be transferred over to soon and you will receive a refund from Loot Crate for any chests you’ve already paid for but have not yet received. For example, if you paid for a 3-Chest subscription and only received two Mine Chests, you will receive a refund from Loot Crate for one Mine Chest. Loot Crate will take care of the refund and we will take care of making sure your subscription continues, you don’t need to do anything at all.

Q: What if I have questions that aren’t answered here?

A: If you have any questions regarding the Bedrock-themed Mine Chest or any other Mine Chests shipped by Loot Crate, you can reach out to their Customer Support team at for assistance. For any questions regarding future Mine Chests, send our customer service a message here.

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